Charles A. Blim Jr.

Carson City, Nevada


I was born and reared in Carmichael, California. I played soccer as a youth, which developed a highly competitive spirit in my soul. I graduated from Jesuit High School in 1984, and then pursued an undergraduate degree in Economics at CSU Sacramento. It was while I was at CSUS that I encountered an art professor John Fitzgibbon who changed my life and showed me the "true meaning” of art in our society. From there I pursued a M.A. degree at Temple University in Economics and performed econometric research in the field of collecting, which would become my foundation for Vasefinder. I owe a bit of debt and gratitude to Dr. Paul Rappoport and Dr. William J. Stull for giving me economic tools that have been powerful in launching Vasefinder--they were truly mentors. I am not one to preach to the choir, but I believe the economics that dominate the art world are unfair and seem to reward those who do not create. Vasefinder is fueled by my desire to deliver economic justice to those who create where I am not taking in the process, but giving and paying back to history through my research. I started the early work for this economic map in 2001, and I launched in 2003 in an attempt at trying to build a museum to help contemporary artists especially potters (thanks to Paul Evans) through this strict historical approach.   The Vasefinder International is bringing to fruition this economic justice, where an exhibition is provided at no entry cost to the artist.  This exhibition provides for prizes and no commission if you should sell your entry.  Every year, Vasefinder will reach out to artists around the globe.  I want to start an economic revolution.


I have many goals for myself in this life and although economics is a fundamental one, I have always wanted to create art.  One would think that the pottery making would be my first choice, but because of ease and access to watercolor inputs, I chose this medium---a slice of paper, water and pigments and I was on my way to entering the art world.  In my art, I see an open desire to paint from many perspectives if Abstract, Fauvism or Impressionism.  My influences come from the collecting of historic California and Nevada art most of which center around the landscape.  I am a protégé of Kathy Colegrove.  I sold my first painting in 2012, and although one may consider this my first real step into the art world, I found it to be more of a powerful inspiration to keep working harder to grow and explore this medium.  I was humbled by being awarded Best Reserve in the 2012 Churchill Country Fair, which was my first art show ever as an exhibitor for the entry Spirit Dance, watercolor.  My little girl Carley Elizabeth Blim won the overall youth watercolor division at the same fair for Burning Sky in the 2012 Churchill Country fair at five years of age.  I am so proud of her.  I was also fortunate to garner a blue ribbon for Taste of Verbena in the 2012 Lyon County Fair, my second exhibition to ever enter.   In 2013, three of my paintings were accepted into the Latimer Art Club 2013 - 6th Annual Mini Show:  150 Years of Home Means Nevada. 


Artist's Works

Item:  Tauno (paying ode to Tauno Kauppi) with vintage frame, watercolor 

Dimensions:   5 inches by 7 inches (visually)

Price:  Placed in Los Angeles, California collection

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Item:  Expanse with vintage frame, watercolor 

Dimensions:   1.875 inches by 2.625 inches (visually)

Price:  SOLD

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Item:  Stepping Stones ---The Afterglow with vintage frame, watercolor 

Dimensions:   3.5 inches by 4.75 inches (visually)

Price:  Placed in Alfred Station, New York collection

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Item:  Primo Piano Verde with vintage frame, watercolor 

Dimensions:   2 inches by 2.875 inches (visually)

Price:  Placed in Eureka, Nevada collection

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Item:  Montagna Blu with vintage frame, watercolor 

Dimensions:   2.625 inches by 4.5 inches (visually)

Price:  Placed in Tacoma, Washington collection

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Item:  Skies Over NV with vintage frame, watercolor 

Dimensions:   2.5 inches by 4.5 inches (visually)

Price:  SOLD

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Item:  Taste of Verbena with vintage frame, watercolor (Blue Ribbon Winner, 2012 Lyon County Fair)

Dimensions:   4.25 inches by 6.625 inches (visually)

Price: SOLD

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