Ben Klinefelter

Silver Springs, Nevada

Ben Klinefelter (1955-) was born in Barrington, Illinois and spent his early rearing years there until 1967, when his family moved to San Diego, California. He received his hgih school diploma in 1973 from Claremont High School. Primarily a self-taught artist Ben has been sculpting since a youth and gained some of his art inspiration from the work of his father Peter Klinefelter, who was both a professional and commercial artist. Ben's work has highly detailed surfaces, where contrasting textures provide for powerful images. He typically uses a stoneware body with iron stains to create his sculpture. In 1991, he moved to Silver Springs, Nevada, where his art involvement has gone from both studio time and creating to also being a voice in the artist advocate movement of Nevada. A portion of his exhibition history includes: Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens Art Show, Beverly Hills, California; La Quinta Arts Festival, La Quinta California, as well several other exhibitions in Arizona, California and Nevada to just mention a few.

Artist's Works

ItemAnasazi Ruins, stoneware sculpture on turntable

Dimensions:  10.5 inches tall by 10.5 inches wide

Price:  $275.00

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