Eunice Prieto Damron

Yerington, Nevada

Eunice Prieto Damron (1924-2015) was born and reared in Spencerport, New York, where her family had a farm. She received her B.F.A. in Ceramic Art and Design from Alfred, where she was a student of Charles Harder and Clara K. Nelson. She received her M.F.A. from the California College of Arts and Crafts now California College of Arts or CCA. She was married to Antonio Prieto and Cleo Damron. She taught at the CCA, Mills College, Laney College and at several other institutions primarily in the Bay Area of California. She sold her wares for many years through the Tobermory Gallery in Berkeley, California, when she was residing in Oakland. Her work is typically functional in content, as well as she has worked in other mediums, such as painting and enameling. Eunice's work was celebrated in the seminal reference by Daniel Rhodes: Stoneware and Porcelain. A portion of her exhibition record includes: Club Alsam Gallery, Lafayette, California, 1947; First International Ceramics Exhibition, Scripps College, Claremont, California, 1949; Mills College Guild, CSU Humboldt, Arcata, California, 1955; Studio One, Oakland, California, 1958; Diablo Pageant of the Arts, Walnut Creek, California, 1959; Ancient Cups, Oakland Museum of Art, Oakland, California, 1959; Clay and Yarn, Reflections Gallery, Oakland, California, 1969; Isabelle Percy West Gallery, Oakland, California, 1970; East Bay Artists Association, College of Holy Names, Kennedy Gallery, Oakland, California, 1970; Mills College Art Gallery, Oakland, California, 1971, as well as she was a regular exhibitor for the Pacific Coast Ceramic Exhibition and Sale, San Francisco Art Festival and California State Fair. Exhibited at the Nationals in 1946. A partial list of permanent collections includes: Oakland Museum of Art, Oakland, California; Mills College, Oakland, California, as well as many other private and public collections.

Artist's Works

Item:  Quail Family in a Bowl, Navajo Wheel Stoneware fired to cone six

Dimensions:  1.75 inches by 11.25 inches

Price: SOLD to Florida

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Item:  Blue Glazed Tile, Navajo Wheel Stoneware Unsigned and Completely Original (purchased directly from the artist)

Dimensions:  4.875 inches by 4.875 inches by .5 inches thick

Price:  $18.00 plus s/i

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Item:  Vase, Navajo Wheel Stoneware fired to cone six 

Dimensions:  9.75 inches by 4 inches

Price: $115.00, plus s/i

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Item:  Linear Glaze Decoration Bowl, Navajo Wheel Stoneware

Dimensions:  3.25 inches by 9.375 inches

Price: $125.00 plus s/i

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Item:  Small Two Tone Blue, Bowl, earthenware

Dimensions:  2.25 inches by 5.375 inches 

Price: SOLD to Nevada

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Item:  Blue Quail Family bowl, Navajo Wheel Stoneware

Dimensions:  2 inches by 10.625 inches 

Price: SOLD to Southern California

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Item:  2003 Fish Platter, Navajo Wheel Stoneware

Dimensions:  2 inches by 10.625 inches 

Price: SOLD to Sparks, Nevada

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