Shiho Winter

Red Rock, Nevada

Shiho Winter (1968-) was born and reared in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.  Her art education has been a self-taught one, as well as inspiration from her life partner Joe Winter, whom she married in 1998.  Her work is a complex mixture of stoneware and raku hand built forms, where she has executed in many cases figurative designs, especially of people from her homeland of Japan.  She also has decorated thrown forms by her husband Joe, where one senses the organic feel of her design matched with the form.  Although she admires the art of Marc Chagall and Salvador Dali, the visual imagery of her work shows her ties to the colorful Pop Art Movement in America.  Shiho's work was just recently included as part of a group exhibition at Western Nevada Community College, Carson City, Nevada in October of 2009 with her husband Joe.

Artist's Works

Item:  Raku Plaque

Dimensions:  Approximately 12 inches wide

Price:  $75.00, plus s/i

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