Indian Child by Fallon Nevada Artist Sakae Tsuda

Fallon, Nevada

A Japanese American, Sakae Tsuda has spent a great deal of her existence in Fallon, Nevada, where her and her husband operated a family business.  Later in life, she started studying with important Nevada artist William A. Moore, where his details for realism and documenting the West clearly had a important impact on Sakae's work.  I have found numerous paintings by this artist, which have outstanding execution from every aspect and are of the highest quality for the astute Nevada painting collector.

Item:  Indian Child, oil on board (signed on front with exhibition label en verso)

Condition:  The painting shows no damage.  The original framed shows the typical wear and marks.  I have not removed the subject from the framing.

Dimensions:  5 inches tall by 4 inches wide,

Price:  $75.00 plus s/i

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