D. G. Novy-Zuelke : Splendors from the Brush

The Charlie B Gallery has partnered with Robin Cobbey and Maynard Station, 1491 Main St, Gold Hill, Nevada for this intimate look at the art of Darlene Grace Novy-Zuelke (1931-2011) from Silver Springs, Nevada. Fifty paintings will be present at the first sale with one more sale to follow in the near future. The subjects include primarily landscapes with a few floral and abstract paintings. All of the paintings will be for sale. This special event will include the following days and times: Friday, October 7, 2016, from 4pm to 8 pm, Saturday, October 8, 2016, from 12pm to 6pm and Sunday October 9, 2016, from 2pm to 6 pm. Everyone is welcome. We look forward to seeing you! If you have any questions, please call Charlie Blim of the Charlie B Gallery at 775-575-7333. 

From the artist’s brochure:

Darlene’s introduction to the world of art started during her preschool years when she was taught to draw stick figures. While in grade school, she won a first place award in a Cook County, Illinois Safety First competition and was accepted into the gifted artist program at the University of Illinois. Her logo won a scholarship at the Chicago Art Institute’s School of Design.

Workshops with John C. Pellew, Zoltan Szabo and Lucille Williams; travel throughout the United States and parts of Mexico and Canada created a fascination with landscapes in watercolor. She also works in graphite, acrylic, mixed-media and pastels.

A working artist, her original paintings are exhibited in many galleries and are found in private collection as far as away as Germany, Japan, Australia and South America.

A member of several art associations, Darlene was honored with a lifetime signature membership in the West Suburban Artists’ Guild of Illinois. Awards include: Best of Show; People’s Choice; many ribbons from local, national and international competitions. 

A portion of her exhibition record includes:

Out of State

1972: Mercury and the Moon, Oak Park, Illinois
1984: Gallery, Los Osos, California
1984 – 1989: Tarbox Gallery, San Diego, California

1972: Yorktown Promenade, Yorktown, Illinois
1973: Oak Brook Fine Arts, Oak Brook, Illinois
1973 – 1997: Triton College, River Forest, Illinois

Various Years:
Gallery La Luz International Mini New Mexico
Florida International Miniature Society, Clearwater, Florida
Willcox, Arizona Miniature Art Shows
Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Washington, California
Several other state competitions and exhibitions

Nevada – Individual Exhibits
1992: Northeastern Nevada Museum, Elko
1993: Bank of America, Hawthorne
1995: River Gallery, Reno
2005: Silver Springs, Nevada Senior Center
2006: Lyon County Administration Building, Dayton

Western Suburban Artists, Illinois, Lifetime Member
Nevada Artist’s Association since 1974
Sierra Arts Foundation since 1974
Sierra Watercolor Society, Charter Member