Cher Shackleton

Perth, WA, Australia

I grew up in Yorkshire in the north of England. 1 of 5 children, my mother was an amateur opera singer and my father a coal and gold miner in England and Ghana. We were always surrounded by craftsman and women, actor’s, singers, embroiderers, stone masons, carvers, rope splicer’s, painters and knitters. I can not remember a time when I didn’t knit. Even now I have a project.  Over the years wool led to spinning and weaving. It was while I attended an evening weaving class, taught by Maxine Veitch at Claremont School of Art, that I met a potter who would down shuttles in class and say ‘ I’m just off to throw a dozen mugs or a dozen plates” I was terribly impressed by this.It wasn't long after I took up the challenge and enrolled in a pottery class.  I attended an introductory course in clay work and was put off very quickly at the coarse clay I had been given to throw with. It wasn't till we were in New Zealand a year later with my husband (a New Zealander) and our 2 sons, that I joined the local Arts to Crafts Centre in Marton and encouraged by a friend Ros Morrison I joined the pottery class and cautiously approached clay. I was hooked. Macs Mud ( A local clay produced by Royce McGlashen NZ) was wonderful, its soft creamy consistency opened up a whole new world . My journey in clay had begun.  I still have great pleasure in working with clay since my introduction all those years ago, it is a wonderful journey to be on. I am not sure when I was first seduced by the wood fire esthetic, it could have been in the first workshop I attended. Conducted by Jack Troy (USA) in Palmerston North, NZ in the early 80's I was blown away by the images he presented.  We returned to Perth  almost 3 year later and I commenced a more formal ceramic course in the old St Bridgette's College Northbridge which was Perth Tech.  I must admit I am a sucker for a beautiful lustrous shino as well as a crusty multi-fired piece that has been torched for hours ( and hours) in a fire box. I am inspired by my surroundings, by the beach near by and sea shells with their delicate designs and by the magnificent Australian outback, with it's spectacular colours  and the overwhelming vastness of it all. I am also inspired by potter Edmund de Waal and his simple but strong forms and by Lloyd Rees my favourite Australian artist who would paint a picture inch by inch and when there was no more canvas to be painted he would then step back and a completed picture would be before him. Don Rietz and american potter is also a huge influence.  My work, which includes the use of large moulds, has become more sculptural in the last 3 years. Another journey I am happy to travel on. 


Artist's Works

ItemYunomi or Pottery Cup, wood fired

Dimensions:  4.125 inches tall by 3.125 inches wide

Price:  SOLD to Northern Nevada

Email for Availability

ItemSingle Handle Vase with Shino and Atmospheric Ash Deposit, wood fired

Dimensions:  4.25 inches tall by 2.75 inches wide

Price:  $75.00 plus s/i

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Item Barrel Vase, wood fired (some roughness over the surfaces from the firing process)

Dimensions:  5.125 inches tall by 4 inches wide

Price:  $115.00 plus s/i

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